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Gunslinger Girls



Multi Chapter

A Golden Gray Mourning

A disappearance in a nearby village leads to a greater mystery as Team 7 is forced to examine the consequences of the violence inherent in the their world. (Completed 06/21/04)

Birds of a Feather

Sequel to GGM. An attack at Konoha's heart sends the Leaf ninja searching for answers, chasing a phantom that seems intent on pulling the entire world into darkness. (Complete 08/14/04)


A late message, a final scene on a video, and a trail about to go cold in a distant city. Now three nin must relive the final days of their friends in order to solve a mystery which threatens not just Konoha, but shinobi across the world.

Juppon Buki

Ten weapons, ten stories, the long path to achieving a dream. A character study of the weapons expert Tenten. (Complete 01/24/06)

Kunoichi in the City

Female only teams would improve the self esteem of all involved, right? Well, thatís what Sakura thought at least. But when she finds herself in charge of one, she learns that her esteem isnít in trouble, itís her sanity.

Sakura's Harem

Infiltration and deception is central to being a good ninja. But when Team 7 has to embed itself in a society ruled by women, they're all in for a wild ride. (Completed 03/10/04)

Silent High

It's a normal modern day high school only Team Seven is sure they don't belong there.  Trapped in an illusion whose rules are unknown, they struggle to find answers before darkness consumes them. (Complete 08/05/05)

One shots

Command Performances

While waiting for their teams to complete the second part of the Chuunin exam, four jounin instructors pass the time relating their first command stories. (Complete)

First Time

An inner look inside the head of a certain team 7 member as they experience entry into adulthood. (Complete)


The female genin wait for their teammates to return, falling apart slowly alone but finding strength as a group. (Complete 09/05/04)

Weasel Love

The ultimate crossover, Rurouni Kenshin and Naruto!  The most perfect pairing known to man.  It is everything that a crossover pairing should never be. (Completed 04/02/04)


Diablo : Lord of Confusion
Darkness descends on the world, demons roam the land and Akane can cast fireballs like you wouldn't believe. This could be Ranma's worse nightmare but it turns out to be his greatest adventure in the Alterverse adventure. (Completed 10/11/02)

The Forever Artist (one shot)
Nine-year-old Kasumi has a gift and a teacher who wants to share it with the world. But some things are not meant to be. (Completed 4/25/02)

Rurouni Kenshin

Meiji Era Pieces

Bad Dog, No Biscuits

Well, we all know Kenji wasn't his dad's number one fan. Maybe it's because Kenshin let one too many of situations like this happen. A bit of humor that'll hopefully make you laugh ^_^ (Completed 8/28/02)

The Kiku and the Shinai

The sword that protects, a motto Kaoru has lived her whole life by. Now after an accident, she meets a man who will test everything she stands for. And what will the price be for defending her principles? (Completed 7/24/02)

Last Chance at Glory

Fate has given Kaoru one last chance to restore the honor of the Kamiya Kasshin Ryu.  However the true battle is not in the tournament ring but in her own mind. (Completed 8/15/02)


To some, the past hangs on them like a lead weight.  To others it is a distant memory.  Seta Soujirou's path to find peace from his past has lead him to Sapporo and into the path of an unlikely ally, Saitou Hajime. (Complete 12/17/02)

Modern Day : Japanese Intelligence Agency Files

Case 1: Streets of Tokyo

A cop and a yakuza. An informant and a detective. A street thug and a doctor. A threat against Tōkyō. Can these six people find a way to stop a yakuza takeover? Or will they just be the next victims? (Completed 7/17/02)

Case 2 : Boulevards of Las Vegas

It might be Sanoís dream city but itís about to turn into paradise lost as old villains, faces from the past and a new allies come on to the stage. Itís Kenshin-gumiÖ Vegas style. (Completed 11/08/02)

Case 3 : Canals of Venice

Ah Venice, the city of love.  Of course that's before there are more dead bodies then gondola floating in the canals.  The Kenshin-gumi meet old foes, tangled with news and try to find a bit of time for romance in the final installment of this series. (Completed 08/05/03)

Modern Day : Bond 000

Dr. Noway

"Bond has to be sexy, sophisticated, able to swoon woman with just a look, good at gambling, hold his alcohol, have good aim with a gun. "  Apparently, the authoress missed this memo.  Enjoy a complete parody on Rurouni Kenshin and James Bond.

Sailor Moon

Destiny Leads the Dance

A one shot revolving around Luna's birth on the Moon.  Was she always as strict as she is with Serena or did she have to learn about responsibilities the hard way? (Completed 7/98)

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